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To That Dog Poisoner

Christy Wiseman

I can’t believe that the dog killer has not yet been caught. I hope he or she is caught soon. We like to say “he” but considering Ayn Rand’s admiration of Hickman as Swinehart did, it may just as easily be a sociopathic woman. When caught, I hope that person is put in a cell for the rest of his or her life. Punishing him or her with violent behavior, while understandable, and perhaps temporarily satisfying, would only cause this evil to claim yet another victim.

Editor’s Page – June 2017

Christy Wiseman

I confess I haven’t read this book, nor did I have any intention of doing so. I would never have considered it had it not been for this gentle insight into the catylyst for the writing of it. Aren’t we all wanting to live out our lives with “dignity, courage, humor and composure” and to witness via this book how one person was able to do this and impart his wisdom while doing so with his treasured friend and former student, makes this a must read. Who knows what pearls of wisdom await… Thanks, Alex.

Focus on Art – November 2012

Christopher Lewis

When was this painted?

Medical Emergencies In Mexico

 Mikel Miller

Thanks for publishing this piece. Hopefully, it will help expats and visitors communicate with emergency medical personnel. And perhaps it will prevent another carbon monoxide poisoning.

Latinos and the US Economic Growth

Michael Hogan

Excellent article and timely. It shows clearly why it is in our own self interest to acknowledge the contributions of Latinos in the US, and counter the weak arguments of those who would denigrate them. Statistics and facts such as these as powerful weapons for truth and, one would hope, for a bit more “domestic tranquility” in the North. Thank you, Herbert Piekow.


Both the article by Mr Piekow and the letter from Michael Hogan, though admirable in their bounty of good intentions and empathy, seem to tilt in the direction of paving roads to a certain ‘hot place’.

Rather than worrying so much about Latinos contributing, or not, to America (meaning the USA) and how dire the loss of the best Latino minds “doctors, lawyers, schoolteachers” and “young, well-educated” Latinos in general would be to the USA, would it not be more visionary and ethical to consider the effects of the now centuries – old ‘brain drain’? This is a process which has depleted Mexico and its gene pool by siphoning off its wealth-producing talent for the benefit of us whiter folks in the North.

One of the many casual crimes of modern neo-Imperialism, and of US neo-Imperialism in particular, is precisely such theft of the talented, outstanding, and often already educated, from other nations. Nations which have paid the price of raising, nurturing and educating their own, only to see them lured away by the perennial (false, and ultimately broken) ‘promise’ known as The American Dream.

From the Philippines to the once (but no longer)- broken USSR and now to the artificially ‘failed’ states of the Middle East, the US has benefited, and goes on benefiting, from its export of ‘disaster capitalism’. In many ways, the brain-drain engendered by mainly US-sponsored war, regime change, economic stagnation and subsequent dislocation is more beneficial to the USA than slavery once was. Especially as it provides the added benefit of concealing the pernicious causes and effects of this kind of gene and knowledge ‘wealth transfer’ westwards, always westwards. What could be easier? People deprived of opportunity for the Land of Opportunity – but somehow, never enough people.

As expats who, I assume, love Mexico, shouldn’t we be cheering the fact that a wall may be built, and that the brain-drain and emotional dislocation which accompanies it cease? Then the Mexican (and Canadian) ruling classes may actually finally have to do something with the nation they wield, along with its people – for instance, ‘govern’ them wisely and provide them with opportunity at home, instead of sending them off to the USA as an itinerant labor force. Stopping this practice, which serves to cover up the massive indolence and incompetence which led to the state having no need of its population in the first place, would be a clanging wake-up call for the Ruling Class, which until now has mainly been interested in perpetuating their unearned, often obscene, ease, as are the majority of Ruling Classes worldwide.

Most alarming of all is the fact that Mexico, and Canada, seem not to be alarmed at this far greater existential threat than labor-drain; brain-drain.

Editor’s Page – May 2017


I have a half brother who is now 78 years-old who has been a hard core Ayn Rand follower and member of the Objectivist Society for 45 years (and later an avid Tea Party member). He preaches her ideas like a southern preacher non-stop. He has an answer for everything. He is also uneducated and not very bright. At first I thought it rather amusing and harmless. In later years I see that philosophy as evil. Thanks for the insightful article. (Guest Editorial by Dr. Lorin Swinehart)


Lee Campbell

Are there more upcoming performances of Hogan’s work? We would love to see one!!


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