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What would you suggest that might make living at Lakeside even better?



Given current conditions, reliable trash pickup would be truly wonderful.


I love it here, but if I could have a slightly faster internet connection and a closer Costco or Mega store everything would be perfect.


Fewer gringos


I think proper sidewalks along the south side of the Carretera from Gossips to Colon would make shopping along that section much easier. After all its the main business area and undoubtedly the worst section of sidewalks in the whole village.  I can’t even tell you what shops etc are along there other than an old favorite Brunos’s restaurant.


A good shoe store that sells brands like Ecco. My feet need an arch support and a heel cup. I can’t even get good shoe laces here for the shoes I have, all of which come from NOB. Alas, I am getting too old to go NOB to buy shoes! There are a couple or three good shoe stores in Guadalajara, but they seldom have the right size in stock, so it is useless to go there.


Mail in a timely manner. We get mail here in west Ajijic once or twice a month. CFE and TelMex bills seem to get the attention of the Post Office, so they come around and deliver whatever has accumulated. Remember Christmas cards?–a few years ago, when people still sent Christmas cards, we used to have a sort of contest as to who received the latest Christmas card from the frozen north–it was always March something or other. Now no one sends Christmas cards by mail, so that “competition” is gone. And of course, since all of us correspond online, mail is not a big deal any more, anywhere, with rare exceptions.


If our infrastructure was better maintained, I would be happy.  To be honest, I hate to see this area become a series of store malls.  Guadalajara has most of what we really need and is closer than a flight to the states.  just my opinion.

Ajijic hiker

Consequences for bad behavior: Throwing trash out the window, speeding and running red lights, dogs off leash and no dog do pick up, pounding music after 2 am, electing officials who do nothing for the community, worthless transitos and policia, etc..


I’d be happy if the streets and main roads weren’t full of potholes that destroy small cars. Some of the above answers are leaving me gobsmacked:  More lousy fast food restaurants like the U.S.?  What ARE those people thinking?  Why did they move here, anyway?


Smoother well done roads that are well lit in areas such as the libramiento and the highway coming into Chapala from Ixtlauhacan.   

Or maybe that odd form of local snobbery here where some pride themselves on pretending they are no longer “gringos” and hence superior to some.

John Shrall

The Chapala highway from the libramiento to the La Barca cutoff is an embarrassment not to mention dangerous at night. No lights, no reflectors and no stripes to tell where the windy road is going. There’s no median so half of the oncoming traffic with their brights on blind you. Not to mention all the potholes you can’t avoid as you try not hitting anything or anyone and keep on the road at the same time.

The only difference in the highway of today and 14 years ago is more fences to keep the cows and horses from killing themselves and motorists.

The section from the La Barca cutoff to Guadalajara isn’t much better but there are at least visible stripes and a few reflectors. The road is straighter too.


Reading all this, most of you want the US.  It is 700 miles north of here. If you want to pay US taxes and put up with the US laws, you can get all that stuff. The easiest thing to do is just go back to the US.  Then you can have all those things. Personally, I miss a lot of things about the US. The high taxes, silly laws, constant surveillance, 28 feet of snow in the winter, high cost of living etc.


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