August 2017


Wheels By Sue Schools   My first experience with wheels was racing down sidewalks on a tricycle and spilling over bumps along the way. Next came a little red wagon pulled by friends, and of course the wagon tilted over bumps, probably overloaded with my little buddies and maybe a dog or two, squealing all

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Uncommon Common Sense – August 2017

Uncommon Common Sense By Bill The Arts: A Tool against Authoritarianism   Authoritarian regimes throughout history have a long tradition of suppressing the arts. Hitler referred to any art created by Jews or communists or any modern or abstract painting as “degenerate” art. Stalin severely limited the “approved” art in Soviet Russia and imprisoned

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Genesis By Michael James Cook, PhD   Some say that the advent of the cell phone was the thin end of the wedge when it comes to social interaction. But then came along the anti-Christ of the very core of our social fabric, social media. Umm… where did all go wrong? The world as we

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