SINATRA 101: Still going strong!

Slogo jaltepecINATRA 101: Still going strong!

By Carole and Terry Baker



A big Thank You to the Lake Chapala community for continuing to contribute to the Jaltepec Centro Educativo which grants a Technical Degree in Hoteleria to young Mexican women. These fund raising dinners and events benefit all the students and are separate from the actual Scholarship Drive that supports the students personally. As time goes by, our Lakeside community increasingly recognises how important it is to support the academic activities of the Jaltepec students.

The recent celebration of the Sinatra 101 event was hosted by Community Facilitator and President of the Scholarship Fund, Linda Buckthorp, at her home overlooking the lake. 29 guests attended this gala occasion and enjoyed the delicious food served by the Jaltepec students.

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Delightful piano cocktail music was provided by Maestro Timothy G. Ruff Welch who is a good friend to Linda and Jaltepec and adds so much to each occasion with his special musical talent. This fun occasion was titled Sinatra 101 in honor of Frank Sinatra, who, if he was alive, would be 101 years old!   Pictures were taken throughout the evening by our wonderful Public Relations gal, Sofia Minakata Ponce, and it was obvious everyone was enjoying themselves.

Bill Dingwall, a keen Jaltepec sponsor, is a big Sinatra fan and has a passion to read up and study Frank and the history of how he developed his wonderful voice. Bill put the whole presentation together and the music (courtesy of Capitol Records) to go along with it.  He was quite the entertainer himself as he shared Frank‚Äôs secrets and talents and influences from Tom Dorsey to Nelson Riddle.

In closing, our deep thanks to the community attendees, Linda for hosting the evening, the Jaltepec students and staff, and especially, our Stars of the evening, Tim and Bill.



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