Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel

By Nancy Greenheart


We came to Ajijic Fiesta again

To see Rondallas Chapala, new friends of ours,

Twelve young men sing and play their old refrains

Melodically on acoustic guitars.

When we arrived we learned the wait was 2 hours

For their romantic Spanish ballads’ feel.

So we had time to greet old friends of ours,

and there we saw our favorite Ferris wheel.

Years ago we lived nearby in a bosque,

The wonder of a forest real

Just 3 or so cobblestone blocks away.

We walked each November to ride the wheel.

Now snugly safe with my man at my side,

We ascended, gliding above the carny,

and too-loud music of amusement rides

To see familiar places appear nearby.

Up – our home was just up there.

Down – back to the festive din.

Up – the church where I sang in the choir.

Down – the crowd here is thin,

Up – the chapel where we went to Quincinera.

Down-  the children run nearby now in play.

Up – the Casa de Cultura

where I had shown my art with ASA.

Down – two times this plaza had been

where I had my paintings outside:

No sales, hot sun, lots of art friends.

At least I can say I tried.

Up – I can see where we went years ago

to Mel’s garden costume party.

Down –  we will soon move to Patzcuaro

Yet memories shall stay here partly.

Up – a kiss for my husband in the heights,

Down –  Though this ride is over

We shall take with us these eventful sights

As we travel this wide land over.


For more information about Lake Chapala visit: www.chapala.com

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