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Editor’s Page – March 2017

Herbert Piekow

This is one of those stories that renews faith in all humanity. In my heart I hope that Celsito has succeeded and that he remembers you as fondly as you do him.


Nice to know who you are through this story, and where your heart is. You are the man I have respected and with whom l have shared friendship thru the years. Great story. Rob


Tired, Just Tired

Bonnie Hall

You wrote from the heart my dear friend, and I think many of us should take what you wrote to heart. Most of us are retired we shouldn’t always be in a hurry or feel stressed. We should all step back and be honest with ourselves, and then make time for ourselves. Thank you, Kathy, for your words of wisdom. I love you my friend!


The Lakeside’s “Mister Bojangles”

Mark Gulko

Thank you for this lovely story. We’ve only lived here a short time but have met Paul, heard about him a little. But this filled in so many blanks.


Thank You, Mother!

Gabrielle Blair

A touching story with tons of sentiment without being cloying and sentimental.


From Doctor To Patient


Great Article, if l ever need surgery this is the guy l am coming to. Anyone care to share his contact information or location.


To That Dog Poisoner

Riley Rose

It is rare that the killer truly smiles inwardly.

The killer(s) hell is more than they can stand. Deep is their desire to bring that hell to others. This has less to do with hate of dog, than hate of those who are free of the killer’s hell.

Christy Wiseman

I can’t believe that the dog killer has not yet been caught. I hope he or she is caught soon. We like to say “he” but considering Ayn Rand’s admiration of Hickman as Swinhart did, it may just as easily be a sociopathic woman. When caught, I hope that person is put in a cell for the rest of his or her life. Punishing him or her with violent behavior, while understandable, and perhaps temporarily satisfying, would only cause this evil to claim yet another victim.


Joyful Musings – May 2017

Brad Mowers

Thank you, Joy, it is always envigorating to be reminded of the Four Agreements. A bit of clarification: when you refer to “the ancient city of pyramids outside Mexico City” you are referring to Teotihuacan. This is a city much more ancient than the one the Toltecs lived in which was Tula, in current Hidalgo.
Thanks again for the article!


For more information about Lake Chapala visit:

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