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—Wayne Palfrey—



Back in 1974, John Goodridge and Richard Tingen, worried about their children’s education at the time, decided to go to private bilingual schools in Guadalajara. Oak Hill School agreed to come to Chapala, sending Wayne Palfrey as principal and school manager. With financial help and volunteer parents, the school opened its doors in 1975. Wayne proved to be an excellent principal and teacher in mathematics, and the school maintained a high academic level thanks to him.

He insisted on the correct formation of the students counting on a great work team and support. He was a responsible and strict person, inspiring many generations by instilling values, enthusiasm and caring for the environment, without mentioning that he promoted and always cared about everything bi-cultural.

Wayne is also responsible for the Nutcracker Festival that is celebrated year after year at Christmas in the auditorium of the Ribera de Chapala. It all started on the school grounds when it was located in Chapala. Years later, Oak Hill School made its new home in San Antonio, Tlayacapan, continuing the Christmas Traditional Nutcracker at the Lakeside Little Theatre, and then later at the auditorium. Oak Hill School closed its doors in 2003 and became the new Instituto Loyola where Wayne continued to serve until the beginning of this year.

On April 24 of this year, Wayne passed to a better life. He is survived by his wife Dale, his children Andrea and Phillip and their granddaughter Kaira.

“Wayne your memory will always be present.”

Rest in peace.

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