Life Begins With An Open Heart

Life Begins With An Open Heart

By Ed Tasca



Our ageless vocal superstar, Mac Morrison, was a man who by every account sung with his heart. And ironically, recently, he underwent emergency open heart surgery. He was originally scheduled for an angioplasty and stents but the medical professionals realized his heart condition was far more grave and immediately began pre-op work for open heart surgery. Six hours later, Mac came out of surgery and spent several days in Cardiac I.C.U. He has now returned home to Ajijic – and is steadily recovering. Effectively, Mac has a partially reconstructed heart. He’s like 40 again. What’s he get for that? A new mid-life crisis, probably. But also a new lease on life.

But what we all can be sure of is that intricate medical care doesn’t come cheap. And sometimes effective insurance coverage is out of reach for some because of age. This unexpected surgery has wiped out Mac’s and his angelic, long-suffering and ever-supportive wife Barb Clippinger’s savings and they find themselves in the harrowing position of not knowing where to find the funds to pay for the surgery, hospital, medications, etc. And I haven’t even mentioned all the chocolate truffles I bought them.

As a result, members of the local arts community are reaching out to our friends and patrons of the arts, many of whom have enjoyed Mac’s and Barb’s performances throughout their lengthy residencies here, to remind everyone how much this couple has given to local charities through Mac’s yearly concerts.

These were efforts that I know personally took a toll out of the man, because of his inimitable professionalism and dedication. They certainly played a role in debilitating him over the years without anyone being aware. We are lucky that this ultimate diagnosis and treatment, from extremely brilliant young physicians and specialists here, saved his life. That’s why, The Miracle Mac Fund.

Medical care is smarter, more complicated… and more costly. And it’s no longer anything you can fix with Serutan because Serutan is “natures” spelled backwards. It’s more like ekorb! Which is Broke spelled backwards.

We need to raise $40,000 U.S. to help Barb and Mac cover the costs of Mac’s surgery and rehabilitation. Big bucks for most couples. Think on this: today, Adam couldn’t afford to have Eve. It would involve dozens of specialists and anesthesiologists and specialized equipment. And that first smack on her ass could mean a law suit.

So we have to accept the demands of our times. Critical surgeries come with a big price-tag and you can’t get them on Groupon–so emergency funding measures had to be taken. Proceeds from a CD sale of some of Mac’s favorite renderings will also go towards the Miracle Mac Fund. In addition, look forward to an upcoming “Variety Show” with music, dance, comedy and more, with all proceeds going towards the Miracle Mac Fund.

It isn’t often we can make a difference in the lives of those who have given so much of themselves to our community. Here’s our chance. Go to: Or call: 376 766 3503 or 766-5222 /

So to all of you who can help, let me say thanks in advance for an open heart. And in honor of Mac and Barb’s Lakeside musical legacy, let me suggest that you find a moment and space to dance or sing. And then move to the music as though it was written just for you. That’s how it will feel to help us.

Ed. Note: The foregoing is not the type of material we would normally publish, but we have made an exception in this case because of the contributions both Mac and Barbara have made to the cultural life of our beloved community, and also (not so coincidentally) because Barbara once did our Lakeside Living column.


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