Ramblings From The Ranch – November 2019

Ramblings From The Ranch

By Christina Bennett

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What are your thoughts on pit bulls? Do you have some preconceived notions that they are gang members’ dogs, maltreated and mean, not fit for family life? Are you scared when you see one headed your way?

Perhaps this little story about Princessa will challenge some of this pit bull lore. Princessa was owned by a young man in Chapala, a young man who sold drugs, who you might cross the street to avoid, and who ended up in prison. Sounding like the stereotype: gangbanger with a pit bull? Well, this fellow loved his dog and took good care of her until he was incarcerated to pay his debt to society. At that point, the lovely Princessa pit bull found herself on the streets, finding food where she could, confused and missing her owner.

Luckily, a wonderful young neighbor, who just happened to work at The Ranch, started to feed Princessa every day. A smart cookie, the pit bull was always on time for feeding!

The Ranch employee made a pitch for The Ranch to take Princessa and try to re-home her. She was housed with a pack of unruly puppies and she was a perfectly patient surrogate mother to them. Volunteers fell in love with her; her big white head, her patience, her kisses, her strong body, the way she’d pull them along on walks (well, maybe no one loved that part!). This girl was a lover.

Finally, a rescue group in Seattle said they would take Princessa and find her a forever home. The lucky girl was loaded into a dog crate and brought to the ticket counter where the desk clerk was mighty suspicious and said the airline didn’t fly pit bulls. But Princessa won the day again, her sweet demeanor earning her a seat on the plane!

Princessa took her flight and is now living the dream in Seattle. According to her new family, her “…full name is Princessa Jolene Fancy-pants Blanche.”   Her new family consists of two humans and a cat (with whom she shares her bed!). They say “she has three great loves. 1. naps, 2. snuggles and 3.naps while snuggling. And when she’s not napping or snuggling, she’s exploring the parks of Seattle, hanging out with us on the patios of local coffee shops and restaurants, or waiting patiently at the bottom of a tree for a squirrel. She charms everyone she meets with her big eyes and sweet smile.”

Wish you could help The Ranch re-home wonderful dogs like Princessa, the stereotype-breaking pit bull? If you are interested in escorting dogs to North of the Border shelters or volunteering please contact The Ranch: www.lakesidespayandneutercenter.com/ or 331.270.4447.


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