Mirror To The Universe – June 2020

Mirror To The Universe

By Rob Mohr

Creativity and Consciousness

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“Creativity craves the process.” (Writer, Elizabeth Gilbert, (1969- ) “Creativity originates within the spiritual realm, the collective consciousness. And where mind is in a different realm than the brain, which is a receiver, not a source.” Neuroscience, Candace Pert (1946 – 2013)

Creativity begins from a thought or intent, but where does that thought come from? Newtonian physics would say, ‘from the brain,’ but quantum physics indicates that thoughts are vital energy present within our ‘mind’ as an interrelated part of universal consciousness. This quantum mind, through dynamic transformation, unites the cosmos with input from every cell in our bodies, our emotions, our senses, and our genetic consciousness. Within each of us, our unified brain/body processes and stores a stunning 90,000 thoughts each day and creates new analytical frameworks with unlimited creative potential which links the universal with the personal. Humanity’s ability to sort and understand these associations and linkages creates today’s reality and shapes our tomorrows. We control our future.

As children, we are all naturally curious about everything we encounter. This gift of creativity is gradually taken from us by pre-packaged education, and parents’ and teachers’ desire to limit complications created by creativity which seeks to overturn the status quo. Creative insight results from seeing associations, and links between thoughts, emotions and senses that compartmentalized thinking misses. A creative mind reaches outside of itself, and asks deeper questions that open up new ways of being in, and seeing the world. 

The mind, through this mysterious, evolutionary process, sees a potential pattern among random thoughts, emotions, sensations or events. The result forms a previously unseen and unknown understanding evinced as art, science, or construct. Ultimately, the creative process, from preparation, incubation and production, consists of multiple interactive transactions that occur within both conscious and unconscious states. Ideas, unsought, rise up in clouds with multiple parts that unify to become a new whole.

When the thought cat appears (think cat before you go any further) a cuddly, fur covered animal materializes – or in a more creative vain, claws and sharp teeth, which link with power and ferocity, and finally an anthropomorphic being – a cat woman, or a Maya, Jaguar King. This unique capacity, conditioned observation misses, defines creativity. For a writer this is apparent when they use metaphor, symbol, allusions, and emotions – love, hate, fear, or compassion. And through their word choice, phraseology, word association, and novel structures which create new ways of seeing the world and human life. What exists is what we imagine exists, which becomes more real than reality.

Human creativity is distinct from intelligence which can be measured with an IQ test. Unexpectedly, high levels of intelligence seem to put restraints on the level of freedom essential for creation. And, attempts to measure levels of divergent thinking have proven inconsistent, which leaves what a person produces as the only definitive measure of their creativity.

Curiosity and inquisitiveness remain the primary point of entry. While the arts, because of their emotional impact, have unique power to penetrate the core levels of our being and alter our understandings and engagement strategies with the world. Creative understandings empower escape from our blindness and widen our circle of compassion to embrace all of life. Reflective openness to the unending flow of thoughts, trusting insights, accepting periods of random silent thought, focus on associations and links, metaphorical visualization, noticing variation on themes and abstractions of reality, work together and strengthen our creative insight. 

Creativity reaches below the surface of our conscious mind into the primal – the universal – the substrata where we see past the limitations of the status quo into a future where humanity dances across frontiers that have too long bound us. Recognition that we and everything in the universe, including our thoughts, are made of waves of energy, is a giant step into humanity’s evolutionary future. Creative breakthroughs change mind sets, power structures, relationships and our behaviors. As we make space for the possible, for new worlds, new realities, something profound happens where all of us can discern the paradigm of top down command and control which propagates violence, disunity, racism, and hate has no binding force in a universe where all of life shares a common parent and a common existence. Thankfully, “Quantum physics proves that everything is energy.”  Physicist, Niels Bohr (1885 – 1962)

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