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In March 2020, life at Centro Educativo Jaltepec, the Hotel and Hospitality Management School which grants a Technical University Degree in Hoteleria, altered drastically with the start of the pandemic. All the students were sent home to be educated instead of living in full time residence. Traditionally, Centro Educativo Jaltepec has offered a two year education that combines 70% practical experience and 30% theoretical studies, and it was a real challenge to modify an Educational Model that had been in use for more than 50 years.

In order to provide the educational quality that has always distinguished the school, teachers as well as students had to undertake extensive training in completely new technology. The Administration Staff and Instructors put together a plan for Jaltepec’s new Strategies for Virtual Education and constructed a program to clarify what is happening within Jaltepec that continues to ensure their ongoing success.

Virtual Educational Model   

1. Teachers as well as students have had to undertake extensive training.  2. All have had to learn to utilize these Digital Communication tools. 3. Challenges such as multiple technological deficits or no Internet connection have meant the teachers constantly adapt to use different means to solve ongoing communication problems. 4. Every effort is made to work closely with parents via an academic report every week.  5. In addition, the importance of a new concept, Emotional Intelligence, has taken precedent. Time is set aside each week to acquire knowledge about interpersonal relationships, self-awareness, goal setting and social skills. 6. The platform G suite for Education is an internal Web Site that contains all the information related to calendars and notices and provides exclusive internal communication.

After nearly a year of studying at home with the newly developed Virtual Education Model, Jaltepec welcomed back 25 of our first and second year students in February 2021. All Covid protocols are being followed in the school and Conference Centres.

This is a real benefit as although they were doing extremely well studying from home, their lab work in the kitchen and laundry with commercial equipment can only be done at Jaltepec. This will provide them with the opportunity to complete some practical experience at Jaltepec while learning team work with their fellow students. Their education has become a successful hybrid of virtual theoretical lessons and practical classes. Currently there is a student body of 37 and the Director has had to refuse six students as enrollment is at capacity!

Centro Educativo Jaltepec will be launching a Fundraising Appeal in June 2021 and the money raised will be used to equip the newly established Hybrid Learning Centres, which are in need of enormous TVs fitted with microphones, cameras, and special lights to continue this new way of reaching and teaching our students.

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For more information about Lake Chapala visit: www.chapala.com

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