My Love for Ajijic and The Lake Chapala Society

My Love for Ajijic and The Lake Chapala Society

From Yolanda Garza Birdwell

LCS Member. August 2021.

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For more than thirty years of visiting Ajijic, it is time to express my appreciation and acknowledge the significant contribution to my life by the Lake Chapala Society.

Firstly, the most significant model was the donation of property by the great visionary, Ms Neill James, to establish a space and facilities for us all to enjoy.

We must also acknowledge the donation by Ed Wilkes who donated the Wilkes Center to the LCS. It is located at Galeana St., the Wilkes Educational Center. It was set up in March 1999. It is for the Spanish speaking community. They have a library of books in Spanish and classrooms where volunteers teach English to the public. In addition to the Scholarship Program for local Mexican youth, the Society also conducts free on-going classes in Computer Training, Cooking, Spanish, English, and Art.

The Scholarship fund is set up for educational aid for Mexican students from primary grade through the university.

The LCS could not be so successful without the resolute personnel and the considerable number of volunteers. We are incredibly grateful for all they do.

These are a few of the many features at the LCS:

There are yearly health care fairs, a library, restaurant with music, beautiful gardens, information centre, health assessments, the circle lectures, ATM cash machine, cultural events, art classes for children (I have met two young ladies who attended art classes at LCS when children).

There are computer classes, scrabble groups, A Music Appreciation Society that sponsors concerts. An Optometrist comes in and offers free eye exams. You can get free skin cancer check-ups. You can get your Blood Pressure checked.

Three years ago, a few of us organised a group of residents concerned about the environment. We had signs printed, reading ‘AJIJIC NEEDS YOU’  ‘PICK UP YOUR TRASH’  ‘CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR PETS.’ The signs were made in Spanish and English.

Remember, we all have some skills – if when I can spend more time in Ajijic, I would volunteer to help with English or Spanish lessons for those who want to learn either language.

Thanks Again, In Solidarity


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