Ramblings From The Ranch – September 2021

Ramblings From The Ranch

By Linda Goldman

Never Say Never

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If you’ve ever had a pet, you know the heartbreak that comes when your sweet friend passes away. The pain can be so great that many of us swear that we will never have another.  Our lost friend is irreplaceable!

Yoli, owner of the popular Ajijic hair salon bearing her name, felt this way after the loss of her beloved Chumino a few months ago.  Chumino had come to Yoli several years before, from the Ranch, one of three little abandoned Pekingese dogs. The three were older dogs and their owner had moved away and left them in the home. A concerned neighbor brought them to the Ranch. Two of these dogs found their way to homes in the US and the third of these sweeties was adopted by Yoli.

Yoli fell head over heals in love with this dog, who she named Chumino after a much loved dog from her childhood. Yoli would regale her salon clients with the latest Chumino story and he was beloved by all. When Chumino passed away recently, Yoli was broken-hearted and her salon clients shared in her grief. She said she couldn’t do this again; no more dogs!  She even gave away Chumino’s bed and toys.

Not too long after this, a young man contacted the Ranch. He said he wanted to see the three small dogs who had been recently posted on our website. The three had been surrendered when their family moved away and didn´t take them. 

Lo and behold, this young man was a co-worker of Yoli’s from her volunteer role with the Red Cross. He understood her grief but he also believed that she wasn’t meant to be without a dog. So he brought Yoli to The Ranch … and she immediately found her new love.  This new dog, a female, was named Chumina! We are all sure that Chumino is very happy that another dog in need has found such a wonderful home.

There are so many special dogs at The Ranch looking for their forever homes right now.  If your heart is ready for a new friend, please come see us! 

To learn more about adopting, donating or volunteering, please go to www.theranchchapala.com or email us at adoptaranchdog@outlook.com.


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