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Date: June 2022
Reviewer: Kathy Koches
Title: The Mexico Lunch Party
Author: Sonia Day

Brief Synopsis:  This is the enchanting story of four women “of a certain age” from four different countries, who bond over a love of cooking and gardening. They call themselves the Sisters of the Soil. The women come together every few years at one another’s homes. In the first section, we are introduced to each of the women and their backstory. The main character, Abby, has just left her husband of many years, sold her house and belongings, and moved to a little village called Ajijic, in Jalisco, Mexico. She invites her three friends to join her for a reunion. The author introduces us to each of the women and then invites the reader to the party.

Of course, there are unexpected twists and turns, and uninvited guests who add a sense of fun and mystery. The reader is kept guessing as to the true identity of the uninvited guests and how they interact with the four women. Are they in danger? Is romance in the air?

The author gives us a true glimpse of life in this small Mexican village, complete with descriptions of the markets, the landmarks, and an understanding of the Mexican people and their unique culture. From the coffee seller in the red truck on the carretera to the tianguis and organic market, the reader feels the excitement, the smells, sounds and tastes of this village. At the end of the book the author has included the recipes for each of the dishes the sisters brought to the party.

The author, Sonia Day, has written eight previous books about gardening. This is her second novel. She lives in Ontario, Canada, but visits Mexico frequently.

Recommendation:  I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a light- hearted and humorous read. The characters are well developed, the plot easy to follow, and the descriptions of the places, people and food are excellent. This little gem of a book will entertain and amuse the reader while giving them a taste of Mexican culture and cuisine.

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