BETO—An Extraordinary Rescued Dog

BETO—An Extraordinary Rescued Dog

By Shannon Ford






Sometimes a rescued dog surprises even veteran shelter volunteers. Beto, a handsome and hefty five-year-old Pit Bull, is one of those dogs. 

A victim of horrific abuse, Beto had apparently been used for illegal dogfighting activities. After he was no longer needed, he was severely beaten, suffered serious head injuries, and was left to die. When Beto was rescued and brought to SOS Chapala Dog Rescue, his wounds were badly infected and he could barely walk.

Amazingly, he survived.

But even more amazing than Beto’s survival was his obvious love for life and his willingness to trust people. Beto spent nearly a year being cared for at SOS Chapala Dog Rescue, and it was obvious that he adored the shelter staff. A gentle, intelligent, and observant dog, Beto seemed to just thoroughly enjoy watching all the shelter activities, and he enthusiastically socialized with other dogs and shelter volunteers.

Beto’s zest for life endeared him to everyone who met him, and he quickly became a shelter favorite. When volunteers visited Beto, gave him treats, or took him for walks, he could barely contain his joy. He would do a little happy dance, alternately lifting his front paws whenever he was happy and excited. And that was often! He loved being walked, and as one shelter volunteer put it, whenever Beto was taken for a walk, he was “smiling from ear to ear.”

Due to Beto’s background, size, and age, he was considered an unlikely candidate for adoption. But fortuitously, a partner rescue group in Bend, Oregon thought they could find him a forever home. So Beto made the trip on the Bone Voyage bus to the Street Dog Hero shelter. He must have been doing his happy dance on the bus all the way to Oregon! Beto is now being fostered, still has his extraordinary zest for life, and we’re told he’ll likely be adopted by his foster family.

Beto’s story had a happy ending. But there are many rescued dogs in Lakeside shelters still waiting for their own happy endings.

SOS Chapala Dog Rescue, the newest Lakeside shelter, endeavors to end animal cruelty. Rescued dogs are cared for under the supervision of the shelter’s onsite veterinarian. Many are adopted locally, and some—like Beto—travel north to partner shelters for adoption.

On Sunday, March 20th, SOS Chapala Dog Rescue will hold its First Annual Silent Auction fundraising event at the Cultural Center in the Ajijic Plaza.  SOS will welcome donations of items and services for auction from Lakeside businesses and individuals—for more information, contact Shannon Ford,  To learn about adoption, fostering, and volunteer opportunities, visit the shelter’s webpage,


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