Anita’s Animals – August 2011

Anita’s Animals

By  Jackie Kellum


Anita---Ojo-AugustIf you look up the word: commitment, several words immediately come up: promise, pledge, dedication, loyalty, faithfulness, etc. Taking a cat or dog into your household to become a family member is a commitment. It should not be an impulsive decision, but a thought-out plan,   considering factoring of future situations, as much as possible. Cats and dogs are not like Hertz or Avis; they are not loaners.

On occasion, a family pet will get out of the house, which is always a scary situation. To help deal with this   possibility, here are some helpful tips: periodically take a current picture of your pet, so an accurate posters can be made, if needed. Keep a collar on your pet, with an ID tag containing their name and a current phone number. It is also advantageous to have in English: Reward and in Spanish: Recompensa on the tag. A two-sided inscribed tag is beneficial to list your vet’s name and   emergency phone number, on the second side – this is especially important if your animal is found injured.

Special   thanks  to Drs. Antonio and Hector Ladron de Guevara who have spayed and neutered numerous animals from Anita’s Animals  over the years. These veterinarians  have helped to try to manage pet over-population at Lakeside.

At this writing Anita has several pure bred dogs available for adoption: Two Springer Spaniels, brother & sister, spayed/neutered, who have been together since they were little – their owner who lived in Ajijic died leaving no instructions for their care in the event of his death. A two- year old spayed female Dalmatian – surrendered by a family who could no longer care for her because of family member health issues; and a young adult male Dachshund, a spayed black Lab, and a male golden Lab about 3-4 years old. We still are in “puppy and kitten season” so there are many to select from to be your favorite. And there is also a wide variety of adult dogs and cat including a few orange-white cuties, and pure Siamese and Siamese – mix cats, who are waiting for a home and family.

During the first two weeks in July, Anita took IN: 138 kittens/cats – including non-delivered pregnant cats, and 83 puppies/dogs, and, found homes for 59 kittens/cats, and 56 puppies/dogs –and we still have 17 more days   left in July !

If you are doing your shopping and your monthly budget can accommodate it, please consider buying a bag of kitten/cat and/or puppy/dog food. We really would appreciate this donation, with so many mouths and tummies to feed. When you have finished reading your newspaper, and non-slick publications, please think of Anita’s Animals . These papers are needed for the kits/pups. If we do not have these papers donated, money which should be used for buying food, vaccines, vet bills, etc. will have to be used to buy newspapers. Thank you so much for your caring and help!


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