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newspaperMEXICO—Better And Healthier Than People Think!


Nice to read something positive.

I get tired of the US State Department bulletins. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Because of State Department bulletins, Holland American, Princess and Disney Cruise Line have all cancelled stops in Mazatlan and P. Vallarta.

I won’t use those cruise lines.

You Don’t Know Harry! 

Dick Yanko


Good job. I lived in Detroit for 30 years, met Mr. Wylie once, and was a huge fan of Dr Jack, a truly great humanitarian and visionary, who was way ahead of his peers. Oakland County, Michigan, which authored all of the prosecutorial indiscretions committed, consists of starchy, Waspy, reactionary neanderthals.

Pay The Gardener What He’s Worth! 

Dick Yanko

Mrs. Porter,

Bravo to you; I endorse your thesis wholeheartedly.

Regrettably, the mindset of most American employers falls short of embracing a genuine responsibility for contributing to and improving the well-being of others, much their own employees. Rather, exploitation and greed dominate.

Your attitude is commendable; I salute you.

Shannon Blair  

Thank you for your comments Ms. Porter. My husband and I just moved here and have seen in our short month here both the good and the ugly expat attitudes. We are guests in their country and I find it appalling the disrespect I see from a few expats. I wish I had a garden so I could hire this man. Pay him what he’s worth!

Marion Blackmer  

Dear Ms. Porter,

Thank you for this article; it is a welcome comment on expats and their role in the local economy.

I agree with you that if one finds someone who goes above and beyond in his work, reward him!

We expats benefit greatly and too often take advantage of the low cost of labor here.

If your gardener is still looking for more work, I’d be delighted to hire him, based on your recommendation, and pay him the rate you think is fair. We just bought a house in Ajijic village with a large garden which we want to bring to glory, with some expert help. We’ve arrived from the San Francisco Bay Area, and have a lot to learn about local horticulture.

Marion Blackmer

Thunder on the Right  

Stephen S  

“Let’s tie President Harry Truman’s experience to that of President George W. Bush”

How? I don’t see what one has to do with the other. The fact that Truman’s legacy improved over the years after his presidency is no indication that that will happen for Bush or any other president. Simply mentioning Truman in an article about Bush hardly ties them together.

Personally, I expect Bush’s legacy to worsen over time. You seem to merely hope for the opposite.

If I mention a president who is liked less now than in his own day in the same paragraph with Bush, will that tie them together, or in any way suggest that the fate of one predicts that of the other? Of course not.

Bush’s legacy will not be in the Middle East or Africa. It will be in the U.S., where he squandered America’s prestige, blood, and treasure, divided the country, and left its Constitution for dead.

Ojo Del Lago
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