December Delights

December  Delights

By Tod Jonson


galenTo everyone in the musical world, GALEN (single name) is a household name. Without question, everyone at Lakeside who has attended any afternoons of his musical events remembers with a thrilled heart what the piano in his hands can do for you.

Also, extremely important here at Lakeside is the new hospice that is being prepared and now opened in the new building at the 293 Medical Center in Chapala. A genuinely concerned and great gentleman, Eric Slebos, holds a long history with credentials of grief care, aging gracefully, and particularly hospice care for those of us who might need this attention the most. 

GALEN is a “now in preparation” for theatre event that will play at Ajijic’s   Number 4, starting Thursday, December 1 and every Thursday night for the entire month of December. ( Reservations a must: 766-1360 with VISA and MasterCharge cards acceptable).   

GALEN will be accompanied by his percussionist, Dale Hetler, with electronic guitar master, Lakeside’s Ron Baker, and woodwinds and bass virtuoso, Robert Fedorak. Most generously, Ms. Kim Everest (#4 owner) will be donating all of the net proceeds from the concert to the new hospice mentioned above. On December 29th, that one evening of this series is a  PAY AS YOU CAN evening focused on those who really need a pleasant and  enjoyable hospice facility for the balance of their lives.


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