October 2013

The Poets’ Niche – October 2013

The Poets’ Niche By Mark Sconce Translations: A Chinese Puzzle   Internationally respected translator and my dear friend, James  Falen,  writes of translation:  “It is a devilishly and tricky business, this game in a house of mirrors, this effort to catch and reflect  elusive reflections.” He should know having spent eight years translating Pushkin’s  Eugene Onegin. 

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Profiling Tepehua – October 2013

PROFILING TEPEHUA By Moonyeen Kingmoonie1935@yahoo.com   In the following, printed in the Habitat International Coalition, June 2013: “World Charter on the Rights to the City.” Neilson Saule, Jnr. stated, “According to United Nations statistics, the degree of urbanization has now surpassed the 50% mark. In 2005, the population living in cities was already 3.2 billion,

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