October 2013

Dear Portia

DEAR PORTIA (Ed. Note: Wherein Portia gets a couple of things off her, um, chest.)   Dear Readers: For those sloshed cry-babies who think the drunk driving laws in the United States, Canada and Mexico are too tough, I offer the following examples of how some other countries sober up those overgrown children who like

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Imprints – October 2013

Imprints By Antonio Ramblés AKA Tony Passarellowww.antoniorambles.comantonio.rambles@yahoo.com Guadalajara’s Santa Teresita bazaar   What happens when the village street bazaar goes urban?  In Guadalajara the answer is ‘the Santa Teresita street market’… a tianguis. There’s certainly no lack of ‘big box’ grocers in Guadalajara, and permanent market bazaars like the city’s Mercado Libertad serve up a

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