April 2014


Bones     Bones betray your perfect skinyour grey-green eyes,your secret smile –always beneath the smilebehind the eyesalways I see the bones. Moments of tendernessmoments of hopesomehow entangle me,though I know this universemust end, and these soft armshide only bones. I throw these words downto be consumed –no sonnet will speak my love,only my sweet […]

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Dear Portia

Dear Portia Advice to the Lovelorn the Overfed and the Deeply Disgruntled   Portia, Portia! Just hazarding a guess here, but I think you may be the twit who lacks a life! You remember Lucretia?  She’s been the pigment of your infatuation for some time now, and, well, the sad truth is she also was mine. My

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Silentium     Withdraw, be silent and conceal The dreams you hold and what you feel. Within your soul in stillness let Your inner visions rise and set Like stars at night in their commute: Pay homage to them—and be mute. How can the soul its truth impart? How can another know your heart Or

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