November 2014


Busted! By Pia Kraus Aitken   It seemed so logical at the time. We had awakened in our snug mountaineer tent to the placid sound of rain on our canvas roof. Cozy. A great time to go back to sleep and wait, but a day of adventures in the Ozarks of Missouri awaited us […]

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Laleside Living – November 2014

LAKESIDE LIVING   Sandy Olson Phone: 331-283-8529 Email:   November 2014   COMING EVENTS BETRAYAL…ADULTERY…LIES… EVEN IN AJIJIC The upcoming show at Lakeside Little Theatre is Betrayal by Nobel Prize-winning author Harold Pinter. It’s an intense drama about adultery and lies and the misremembered memories of love.   From left: Dave McIntosh, Jacinta Stringer,

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Profiling Tepehua – November 2014

Profiling Tepehua By Moonyeen King   Poverty in Mexico, according to Wikipedia, is divided into two categories: moderate poverty or extreme poverty. As of 2013, Mexico’s Government estimated that 33% of the population live in moderate poverty, 9% extreme; that makes 42% of the total population live under the national poverty line. Some economists

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Reel Her In

Reel Her In By Margie Keane   Mabel Bass cheered “wahoo” as she boarded the plane bound for Las Vegas. “Five days of gambling! she thought, I don’t even mind wearing this stupid “Our Favorite Grandma” T shirt that came with my plane tickets.” She settled into her seat and opened a book, pretending to

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