The Real Medicine

The Real  Medicine

Dr. Jose (Pepe) Valencia


Good-Mental-HealthMy initial medical education was based in the traditional one: Medicine School at the Universidad de Guadalajara; years after (1978) I decided to open a small assisted living facility just as an additional source of income. Someday I realized all the needs the elderly have, so I took a decision after a 30-day period, thinking on my real role in front of them and decided to leave behind me that part of my professional practice and focused my entire time on studying all phenomena regarding aging and all what’s around that natural process of the life.

Now I want to share what I learned with the deepest and genuine purpose of improving your quality of life. Actual medicine offers a lot of options to those after the 65’s: especially quantity of life but quality of life. Advances of the science “steal” the real essence of the health providers.

Doctors have the role of find out what’s the etiology of a “disease” in a patient (why “patient”?); once it’s supposed to be found, prescriptions follow: a long list of medications, a long list of “don’ts”, and something else: “don’t have strong emotions.”

…Quality of life. Is it what doctors decide or is it our decision?

Okay. If you go to a doctor because “something” is not right in your body: you let him know that you have a pain, a headache, cramps, or a thousand more symptoms: but have you thought that the so called “disease” can be caused by an internal imbalance? or perhaps an emotional conflict expressed by your body as a pain?

Many non-medical (but with absolute credibility) studies have demonstrated that the human being is more labile to any kind of bacterial aggression when having feelings such as depression, anger, grudges, hate: the immune system becomes weak, so we provide the perfect soil to the illness to grow gloriously!

I am sure that the body “talks” or even “screams” when an internal conflict exists, just that we attend or give more attention to the symptoms and none to the etiology or the origin of the sickness.

In these lines I like to encourage you that before starting any medical treatment, rest in a bed a long while; close your eyes control your breathing rate…now visualize yourself in your favorite place of rest which may be the beach, the mountain, etc., and ask the affected part of your body to tell you what’s the problem, where does it come from…talk to that part of your body and ask permission to send positive thoughts, friendly messages, optimistic words…don’t put attention on the time this exercise takes…

Then say thanks to the affected part, and say thanks to your body, your soul and your mind on helping you on this. Now, slowly visualize yourself coming back to your bed and say out loud “I am ok, healthy, happy and with no problem; I will open my eyes feeling extraordinary calmed, ready to jump to live every day as the best of my life; I am stronger that any health imbalance, because the real healer is IN me”

“Illness is a conflict between the soul and the personality” —Bach


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