August 2016

Editor’s Page – August 2016

Editor’s Page By Alejandro Grattan-Dominguez Defining “Definitions”   Exactly when it happened is still in dispute, but happen it did and thereafter liberals suddenly were regarded by some as only a few steps up from child-molesters. Yet given the definition in most dictionaries of a liberal, i.e., “generous …tolerant, broad-minded, favoring reform or progress…,” it

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Imprints – Augst 2016

Imprints By Antonio Ramblés Guadalajara’s Parque Revolución   For those who have sated themselves on Guadalajara’s high profile tourist attractions, the neighborhoods of the city’s midtown offer a change-of-pace urban experience that invite the visitor to return again and again. From working-class neighborhoods on its eastern edge that offer up colorful mom-and-pop shops, newsstands,

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Irises     Vincent is framed by Paul, his luminous blue glows from the wall of a millionaire’s dying dream shaped like a Roman villa from Herculaneum perched on the cliffs above Malibu. Madness extols itself in perfect form – there is no vision more extreme, complete than these last lingering flowers of summer’s heat

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