November 2016

Absentee Ballot

Absentee Ballot   When I went to print the ballot out,minutes later I had to shout“Stop!!!!” when minute after minutethe printer always had more in it!It printed out ream after reamno end in sight—so it would seem.To vote for president was simple,but that just seemed to be a pimpleon the ass of all the choicesfor which they […]

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Visions Of A Perfect Partner -Life Ongoing

Visions Of A Perfect Partner-Life Ongoing By Christy Wiseman   Being alone after 40 years of having a special partnership, I am sometimes asked what I would consider to be a “perfect partner.” Knowing that nothing is perfect, I nonetheless take the challenge. Dreams are free. Realities have a price. “Know thyself” deserves some thought and may protect us in the

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Lakeside Living – November 2016

LAKESIDE LIVING Sandy Olson Phone: 331-283-8529 Email:   November 2016     THERE’S STILL TIME TO GET A TICKET The Bravo! Theatre’s next production is Sylvia.  The creative and experienced cast members are Paul Kloegman, Kathleen Carlson, Jayme Littlejohn, Arlene Pace, Kathleen Morris and Tony Wilshere.  The fabulous Roseann Wilshere is directing.   It

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The Gurkha

The Gurkha By John Ward   The martial tradition, of the Gurkha Warrior is known the world over. Their training, and warrior spirit means they will do things in a fight that wouldn’t occur to even the most seasoned combat veterans. Gurkhas will fight outnumbered and outgunned. They hold their positions against impossible odds and often

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