December 2018

Why Rage?

Why Rage?   The days are growing shorter, a blithe oxymoronto deceive ourselves with simple sleight of tongue,while in the dwindling of days lies the melancholyof December, the mind so tricked by early darknessit yearns for sleep before the evening meal is done. No artificial light can rescue us. He tries the light offootball on

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Yummy! By Sydney GayResident Chef, International Cities of Friendship  Sydney Gay   “I ceberg lettuce would smile if it could,” says Marion Cunningham, “It is sturdy and has a surprisingly delicate flavor.” Many chefs knock iceberg lettuce choosing to serve Shepherd Greens; however, fancy greens cannot do what iceberg lettuce can. Health conscious people often

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Lake Chapala Writers’ Conference

Lake Chapala Writers’ Conference Storytelling By Herbert W. Piekow   The 2019 Lake Chapala Writers’ Conference promises to be the best, most comprehensive ever. The Storytelling theme covers many forms of writing including articles, short stories, novels and plays. Multiple award-winning writer Eric Witchey is known for teaching clear, useful writing skills. He has sold

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