By Sydney Gay
Resident Chef, International Cities of Friendship 

Sydney Gay
Sydney Gay


“I ceberg lettuce would smile if it could,” says Marion Cunningham, “It is sturdy and has a surprisingly delicate flavor.” Many chefs knock iceberg lettuce choosing to serve Shepherd Greens; however, fancy greens cannot do what iceberg lettuce can. Health conscious people often substitute a two-calorie full head of iceberg for lunch or dinner, crunch away at your desk or watching TV, forget the dressing, it’s not needed, this simple meal totally fills the tummy taking hunger away, providing four hours of good energy, plus it cleanses the gut for easier bowel movements and lets you wake up in the morning feeling more alive.  

If you are in the mood for protein without glutinous bread, wrap iceberg leaves as a sleeve around chicken or turkey with tomatoes and mayo. Eat with love. Yummy.

Bio – Following twenty five years as food manager for International Cities of Friendship, Sydney Gay opened an office in Ajijic where she designs radio programs and theater events. E Mail: googlesydney@yahoo.com


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