1st Annual Contest

1st Annual Contest

The Ojo del Lago 1st annual contest for the Lake Chapala Society Children’s Art Program.


Jocelyn Cárdenas

The Ojo del Lago held its 1st annual contest for the Lake Chapala Society Children’s Art Program. The winning entry will appear on the cover of the December issue. The theme was “La Navidad”. The contest was open to children no more than 18 years old, and was launched on October 13 by David Tingen, Associate Publisher of the Ojo and Jessica Garcia, a former student of the Program.

The contest was held over four Saturdays (10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon), allowing the children to produce their best work. The winners were selected by David Tingen, Nancy Medina and LCS Immediate Past President Ben White. The winners were:

Jocelyn Cárdenas Arreguin (First Place)

Alejandra Montserrat (Second Place)

Alonso Romero Ibarra (Third Place)

Antonia Gabriela Martinez Aceves (Honourable Mention)

Jesús Eduardo Espiritu López (Honourable Mention)

A presentation to the winners will be made at 11:30 a.m. on Saturday, December 8 at the LCS Children’s Art Patio. Jocelyn (11) will receive $500. Her winning entry graces the cover of this month’s Ojo. Alejandra will receive $300 (5); and, Alonso (17) will receive $200. Antonia Gabriela (12) and Jesús Eduardo (11) will each receive $100. Each child will also receive a certificate of achievement.

The LCS Children’s Art Program is extremely grateful to the Ojo del Lago for having sponsored this contest. It provides the children with a sense of accomplishment and pride. The contest also generated a significant number of holiday-themed cards for sale at this time of year. Each purchase of these popular cards provides the children’s families much needed additional income during the Holiday Season. As of mid-November, over 330 Holiday cards have been sold.

Holiday and occasional cards are available at LCS, or you can email childrensartprogram@lakechapalasociety.com.

Children’s art classes are held free of charge every Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon at the Lake Chapala Society, 16 de septiembre #16A.

1st Joselyne Cardenas Arreguin

Jocelyn Cárdenas Arreguin
(First Place)

2nd Alejandra Monserat

Alejandra Montserrat (Second Place)

3rd Alonso Romero Ibarra

Alonso Romero Ibarra
(Third Place)

HM Antonia Gabriela Martinez Aceves

Antonia Gabriela Martinez Aceves
(Honourable Mention)

HM Jesus Eduardo Espiritu Lopez

Jesús Eduardo Espiritu López (Honourable Mention)


For more information about Lake Chapala visit: www.chapala.com

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