August 2019

Ask William

Ask William By William   Dear William: My neighbor cut my cable line and now I can’t watch TV. What should I do? Dear Cable less:  Do you have a library card?  Just kidding, really. Cutting off cable is unconscionable and deserves some aggressive act of revenge. Does your neighbor have security cameras?  If not

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My Lost Mexico

My Lost Mexico A Novel by James MichenerCommentary by Alan Robertson   Suppose you have worked for three years on a novel and have finished two-thirds of it. Suppose you have a six- minute talk with your publisher whose judgment you respect. Then suppose this short conversation makes you feel that you have lost control

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Sex Theraphy

Sex Theraphy By Jay Koppelman   I wasn’t crazy, I knew that. I also knew that going to a psychiatrist for couple’s therapy is common in modern society, so I agreed to accompany my girlfriend of over one year with the mutual goal of strengthening our healthy though sometimes fragile relationship. Jealousy had always been our

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She Got It Right

She Got It Right By Christina Bennett   “Will I ever get it right?” Trish thought for the thousandth time. The young receptionist frowned in concentration, her brows creasing. “Cómo?” she asked. She was trying hard to understand. Trish berated herself silently, “I am so stupid. What is wrong with me?” All this self-blame flustered

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