July 2019

Editor’s Page – July 2019

Editor’s Page By Alejandro Grattan-Dominguez THE JFK ASSASSINATION—Revisited   Many years ago, the History Channel produced a six-part series on the above-mentioned matter, but was blocked by the Federal Communications Commission from broadcasting the series, threatening to take away the Channel’s federal license if it violated this mandate. Only fairly recently was the ban finally …

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Understanding Your Dreams

Understanding Your Dreams By Sydney Metrick Sydneymetrick@Gmail.com   Have you ever wondered what your “weird” dreams might mean? Dreams are generated from your unconscious mind which speaks in the language of symbols. Dreams, daydreams, myths, fairytales, art…all come from the unconscious. By getting familiar with symbolic language you can look behind the symbols to discover …

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HAVE YOU SEEN—Your doctor’s or dentist’s ad lately?

HAVE YOU SEEN—Your doctor’s or dentist’s ad lately?   If you have, congratulate him—it means that they are up-to-date with all licenses and permits regarding their practice here in Mexico. If you take a closer look at your medical practitioner’s ad, you will see the  Coprisjal (Jalisco’s Health Secretariat Permit to Advertise) approval  number somewhere …

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