June 2019


Evolution   If we took every advertisementthat we saw under advisement,envisioning ourselves in carsfilled with TVs and guitars,food choppers and Barbie dolls—everything we saw in malls—we might buy it all and after,fill every house to every rafter.Blenders, stereos and blouseswould pile up in our many houses.Consumerism would be the keyto how happy we would be.Lethargic children

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Joyful Musings

Joyful Musings By Joy Birnbach DunstanMA, LPC, MAC(From the Ojo Archives) Good Sex is Good for You!   In his book Sexual Healing, Dr. Paul Pearsall, Director of Behavioral Medicine at Detroit’s Beaumont Hospital, writes that the joys and pleasures of intimate loving may provide us with something called an “intimacy inoculation” that actually protects

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Profiling Tepehua – June 2019

Profiling Tepehua By Moonyeen KingPresident of the Board for Tepehuamoonie1935@yahoo.com   June 4/5th,1989, thirty years ago, is the anniversary of the Massacre of 10,000 young students in Tienanmen Square, Beijing, China. May 1989, Martial law was declared in Beijing to quell the rising pro-democratic movement and the protests against the Government for human rights violations.

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