May 2019

Unseen Powers

Unseen Powers By Rico Wallace   Life is unfair. Did you ever hear about the author who could not get his book published and after he committed suicide that book became a Pulitzer Prize winner for Literature? It should be a lesson for us to never give up. Public television in the U.S.A. (PBS) did …

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Profiling Tepehua – May 2019

Profiling Tepehua By Moonyeen KingPresident of the Board for   The five virtues of Sikhism to reach Mutki are: Truth, Compassion, Contentment, Humility and Love. Confucius wrote ‘Goodness without a love of learning leads to simple-mindedness’, and ‘Straight forwardness without propriety is rudeness’. There are seven deadly sins and seven virtues, and I am …

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