October 2011

Thai Yoga Massage Is Unique!

Thai Yoga Massage Is Unique! By Julie D’Costa               dcosta.julie@gmail.com   Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient healing tradition. Performed for centuries by monks in Buddhist temples, it still retains its spiritual and meditative aspects.   More than a purely physical practice, a crucial aspect of Thai massage is the intention with which it is given. Breathing,

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The Schizoid Factor

The Schizoid Factor By Fred Mittag   Schizoid contradiction is the characteristic affliction of today’s conservatives. Every Republican voted against the stimulus bill. Glenn Beck said it was a secret attempt by Obama and Pelosi to make America “socialist.” Then Republicans returned to their districts to bestow stimulus checks before God and TV cameras. Like

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Survivors By Patricia Hemingway   Roy M. Crandall, M for Marion, was my mother’s father. He showed up at our door when I was thirteen, and he was broke and sixty-five and couldn’t work anymore. I don’t believe he had anywhere else to stay while he waited for his old age pension, so he came

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Lake Chapala Hospice

Lake Chapala Hospice   Lake Chapala Hospice is a community based, nondenominational, non-profit organization, which offers in-home hospice and palliative care to the English-speaking community. Palliative care shifts the focus away from treatment and healing, and onto symptom relief, pain management, and comfort care. Such care has only been legal in Mexico since 2009. Patients

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