September 2012

Editor’s Page – September 2012

Editor’s Page By Alejandro Grattan-Dominguez On Being Exceptional There is a new, but already highly rated show on HBO. The Newsroom stars Hollywood perennial Jeff Daniels, who has been mostly associated with whacky comedies like Dumb and Dumber and on occasion more sophisticated fare like Woody Allen’s quaintly touching Depression-era fantasy, The Purple Rose of …

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THEATER—Greek word for “The Seeing Place.”

THEATER—Greek word for “The Seeing Place.” By Barbara Clippinger   Lakeside is home to many expat actors and directors. For some they’ve put their talents on hold to satisfy the demands of raising families and so have worked in conventional careers. Others have acted or directed most of their lives and now in retirement are …

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Night Flowers

Night Flowers By Zofia Barisas   The garden lies in deep darkness even in the noon of blazing day. A steamy pond lies still in wait for uncertain footsteps. Here aquatic green spiders, big as frogs, spin iridescent webs from leaf to leaf. Gigantic, ancient trees stand about like medieval knights. Their branches sweep the …

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