The Shoelanthropists!

The Shoelanthropists!

lorraine-and-friendsThe Shoelanthropists are Michael and Lorraine Kulig – Homeowners in the Barrio San Miguel (near Tepehua) for three years. Shoes distributed to date are 3000 pairs (donated shoes from the States).

One Day Without Shoes event on April 16th 2013  at 1:00 pm on the Malecon (At the Beer Garden) Photo/Video event of Lakesiders without shoes to RAISE AWARENESS of the issues of the children going barefoot.

April 16th is in conjunction with TOMS Shoes GLOBAL EVENT where people worldwide go ONE DAY WITHOUT SHOES, this is our 3rd year participating in this event, and we ask that Lakesiders bring a pair of children’s shoes to donate if they can. The Shoelanthropists will HIDE A SHOE somewhere at Lakeside on  APRIL 1, 2013 and give out DAILY CLUES via the Shoelanthropists FACEBOOK PAGE, Chapala Web Board, and InsideLakeside Web Board.  The person who FINDS the Shoe gets PRIZE (to be announced) at the event on April 16th.

Collecting and distributing shoes to the more than 1000 children residing in Barrio San Miguel in Mexico where we are re…tired. Children here are often seen running and playing barefoot because their shoes do not fit, or are falling apart, and many families just are unable to afford new shoes for their children.

Children in developing countries like Mexico, who go barefoot, run a high risk of contracting hookworm infections through contact with their bare feet. Once contracted, hookworm infections can cause anemia and weight loss and can stunt growth and mental development according to the CDC. The blood and protein loss can cause breathing difficulties and congestive heart failure. Nutritional deficiencies and fluid build-up in the abdomen are common with heavy infestations of the hookworm and are especially threatening to children and pregnant women.

Children in the United States often have several pairs of shoes at any given time. Some of these shoes are rapidly outgrown and are greatly appreciated by these kids and their parents. These are the gently used shoes we would love for you to consider donating to us. If you would prefer to donate a new pair for the kids that would be also be great!!/groups/THESHOELANTHROPIST/  followed by 450 members and growing. Contact for Lorraine Kulig via this email and phone is 765-4877.


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