Count Me In

Count Me In

The heart and soul of a couple are not immune to despair,

for the wear and tear of the ego will always be there.

The mind is ever capable of wandering

down dark alleys and wallowing

in the wasteland of what’s it all about.

So, if one day, doubt enters on a word

trailing with it sleepless nights all too surreal,

nothing as always is ever the same

and you need a friend to say I love you

count me in

If codependency means someone to lean on

in times of anxiety and pain,

if it’s pickup when you’re down,

a smile upon a frown,

or simply someone to be there

just to know you are around

count me in

If you need someone to talk to,

someone to listen and hear you

cry it out, SHOUT IT OUT,

or just to be there

which is really what it’s all about

count me in

It goes without saying that it works both ways.

If you wake in the morning wanting

to be there, thankful for being alive,

in stride with the love of your life,

that’s not dependency, it’s just

I’m your husband and you’re my wife.

There’s nothing wrong with sharing

both the highs and the lows of every day’s caring,

believing that you can, without a doubt,

depend on one another to say

count me in

By John Thomas Dodds

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