Humane Education Alliance

Humane Education Alliance


nino-con-perroIt has been two years since people representing four education, science, child welfare and animal advocacy organizations, fostered initially by Lakeside Friends of the Animals, came together to promote and implement principles of Humane Education in pre and elementary schools in the region. The group adopted the name Humane Education Alliance (HEA).

HEA is interested in improving the quality of life in the area by fostering the early development of humane values in children through the teaching of respect and compassion for animals. The programs are for 7 to 12 year olds.

The natural bond between children and animals is well known. However, if it deteriorates into acts of cruelty and disrespect, it can result in an extension of destructive attitudes directed towards humans in adulthood. Animal cruelty in a child is a red light warning that something is not going well with the child, either because it is being abused at home or because cruelty is all that the child sees around him/her as normal behavior. If we can lessen bullying and violence and increase compassion and empathy in children the result will be more caring and responsible adults. Children who learn that animals have feelings and needs similar to ours become more law abiding, kinder and more humane to people, the environment, and animals.

For the past year we have been conducting experimental pilot humane education programs in area public and private schools with wonderful results. Children and their teachers have responded very positively; Children because it is natural and instinctive for them to connect with animals; Teachers because they see the program does reduce aggressiveness and bullying behavior.

HEA has produced humane education DVDs and notebooks for teachers to use this year. The information teachers will be provided includes links to additional information that they can access on the worldwide web.

If you are interested in supporting HEA or becoming an assistant, for further information contact John Marshall at 766-1170 or or Eliana Herria at (045) 331-544-8143.

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