Lake Chapala Writers Conference

Lake Chapala Writers Conference

Learning From the Best

By Herbert W. Piekow


writers-conferenceA recent house guest made me laugh when he told the story of writing the eulogy for his mother. Clark´s father had asked his son to talk to each of his four siblings, and then write an appropriate account of life events through the eyes of the five children. The morning of the services Clark´s father wanted to hear the eulogy. Clark read through the piece before his father grew apoplectic and said in a loud voice, “But, that´s not the way any of those events occurred. Besides, there is hardly anything in there about me.”

We each have a POV, or point of view for telling a story and the two presenters at the Ninth Annual Lake Chapala Writers Conference will help the attendees understand how important story telling is from the storyteller´s Point of View because life does happen from each individual´s POV and sometimes when someone else tells our story we barely recognize the events.

From Karen Karbo´s first book, Trespassers Welcome Here, which New York Times named as a Notable Book of the Year, to her soon to be released, Julia Childs Rules, Karen has mastered the art of retelling the lives of famous people, while working in plenty of humor, sage advice and great stories, each of her seven “biographies,” leaves the reader wanting more. Karbo´s writing has won her a huge fan base, many awards and as she once said, “She brings home the bacon and cooks it as well.” Her short stories have appeared in Elle, Vogue, Esquire, Outside, O and other print media.

The Washington Post review of The Stuff of Life said, “Karbo excels at bringing life to the page.” Here at the Lake Chapala Writers Conference Karbo will teach this art and much more. Her students and fans agree that Karbo is a great writer and teacher. She will be joining us directly from a speaking engagement at Stanford University.

Publishers Weekly says of Karbo´s How to Hepburn, “Karbo presents . . . with great humor, but there´s a point she´s making. . . “Karen Karbo has written numerous articles, has had published six nonfiction books about famous women, but with the advice these women might have given if they had been asked. One review of The Gospel According to Coco Chanel said; “This book delivers more wisdom . . . and wit . . . per page than Dr. Phil will dispense in a lifetime.”

Karen Karbo is not the only good presenter for the 2013 Lake Chapala Writers Conference. When local writer Bonnie Phillips learned that Bruce Holland Rogers was invited she said she wanted to be the first to sign up. He was her mentor and inspiration when she lived in Oregon. She has taken several of his classes.

Roger’s short stories have won the Pushcart Prize, two Nebula Awards, the Bram Stoker Award, two World Fantasy Awards, the Micro Award. In addition to being an award winning writer he is a respected international instructor of writing techniques. Since being invited to the Lake Chapala Writers Conference Rogers can add Japan to his international list of countries where he has taught. Conference registration is easy: Go to Diane Pearl’s, corner of Ocampo and Colon.

Conference Dates: Thursday, March 7, and Friday, March 8, 2013

Location, Hotel Nueva Posada, Ajijic

Early registration ends January 31, 2013, cost: $1,200 pesos ($90 US or Cdn)

From February 1st to March 1st $1,400 pesos ($100 US or Cdn)

Registration includes two full days of classes, two lunches, coffee and cookies for all breaks.


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