Anita’s Animals – June 2013

Anita’s Animals

By Jackie Kellum


Anita---Aug12Having a pet   is a wonderful experience, but it requires the human   to take responsibility for the pet that relies totally on its “owner”   for its wellbeing. The following are some simple basic things   needed to be done. Whether your pet is considered solely an indoor pet or not, it should wear an ID tag with basic info [phone number and Recompensa!] to help with its recovery.   Have a recent picture of your pet, in the event it should get out and you need to make “lost” posters. Similar to human medical care, you should have posted in a prominent place in your house, ideally near the phone, the phone number of your Vet .

Most important, have contact info regarding how to reach the Vet in case of an emergency that occurs [as it always seems to happen] after office hours. It is suggested to have a “Plan B” – what to do, who to call, in the event you can’t reach your regular vet. Life happens – have a plan in place for care of your pet in the event you should become incapacitated, temporarily or longer. Anita’s Animals website – “Pet Godparents“ has a form that can be completed online to help with organizing your plan. Keeping your pet’s vaccinations updated is very important. In the summer months especially, animals can suffer from the heat. Keep water readily available at all times and do not walk your dog in the middle of the day. The asphalt is hot on their feet and can cause injuries.

Think of it this way: would you walk barefooted on hot roads, sidewalks in the summer? You essentially are putting your dog in an oven, if you leave your dog in the car, with the motor off – no air conditioning on, with the outside temperature of 83 F, parked in the shade, even with all the windows wide open, the temperature inside the car rises as high as 102 F in ten minutes!      

Wedding vows are a pledge that a person gives to their future partner. Similar statements should be not only promised, but provided by a human to their family pet when it enters this partnership and family. These words traditionally include: “I offer you my solemn vow to be your faithful partner in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad, and in joy as well as in sorrow. I promise to love you unconditionally to honor and respect you, and to cherish you for as long as we both shall live.” When a human partner decides they “want out,”, the other human partner has some ‘protection’ recourse available, sometimes in the form of a sharp attorney. With the family pet, no such ‘protection’ is available, except having trust in that human partner. Please take seriously the pledge you made by your actions of taking a family pet into your home.

We are already into “kitten and puppy season.” Please support organizations that help with spay-neutering events in our community. Anita takes in many unwanted kittens and puppies, and she would appreciate your help. Kitten and puppy food is more expensive than cat/dog food. You can make a donation when she is at the weekly Wednesday Ajijic tianguis or through her PayPal account at her website Anita’s Animals. A fragile life should not be lost because a human failed in their responsibilities to stop pet over-population. Thank you!



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