Great News!

Great News!

logo-APEHAlianza por una Educación Humanitaria (Alliance for Humane Education) is formed by a group of four associations in education, science, child welfare and animal advocacy interested in improving the quality of life in the Lakeside area by fostering early values of respect and responsibility in children towards other humans, animals and all living beings with whom we share the planet.

The Alliance is very proud to inform to the public in general, that after a strong screening process by the education authorities, the program has obtained authorization of the local Secretary of Education, Delegation Ciénega, to implement its program in 51 schools along the Jocotepec-Chapala region, previous agreement with school supervisors, principals and teachers.

The six-session program “Guardianes del Planeta,” under the category of “Non Violence & Anti-bullying—An Education for Peace,” will be supervised and implemented by professionals to guarantee highest education standards. We want to very specially thank the Secretary of Education La Ciénega, same as its Delegation in Jocotopec, for their sensibility and cooperation in this matter.

Furthermore, the program has been shared with the Mexican Association for Animal Rights (Asociación Mexicana de los Derechos de los Animales, A.C.) after its content was categorized by them as the best program combining children & animal welfare they have encountered.


A Spring Break Humane Education Camp will be held for Children of Love in Action on March 23 to April 7, 2013. Children will participate in our first Humane Education Camp which will include Humane Education Workshops, same as those activities that will encourage children to improve their social and conflict resolution skills. Children will be encouraged to participate in community activities supporting other children, animals and the environment.

A one-week Humane Education Camp will be held during the Summer 2013 for children as of 7 years old during the month of July 2013. For further details about our Humane Education program, community activities and summer camps, please contact: Eliana Herrerías (045) 3315448143 or email:

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