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Dear Sir:

I read a comment letter you printed in June’s issue, from Cesar Cisneros, that was nothing more than a personal attack on Robert Nipper for an article he submitted (May issue) as part of the Lakeside Conservative Group. Mr. Nipper was called every name this person could think of including; a racist, a parasite, an ugly gringo, and on and on and on. The comment was so scathing that it forced me to go back and look at what Mr. Nipper had submitted that would cause such hateful rhetoric. What I found was that Mr. Nipper had taken the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States and broke its elements down into what each means to a Conservative.

“Provide for the Common Defense” is one of the elements Mr. Nipper defined. He said, “Common Defense suggests that [ALL] citizens should feel safe, without giving special biased consideration to homosexuals, those of any other color, ideology, or religion.” That means to me that we should [all] be considered equal, including homosexuals, those of another color, ideology or religion. And, that is what our current laws reflect. There is no racist intent in his comment, yet in Cisneros’s limited view he conjures up racism.

Cisneros’s rant went on to include hatred of our Constitution and blaming Mr. Nipper and those who came before him, for stealing America from the Native Americans. I doubt Mr. Nipper had much to do with that. The letter got so ridiculous that I found myself laughing out loud! I feel empathy for him and hope he can rise above such blatant hatred of us “gringos,” as he referred to us.

We are not going home, Mr. Cisneros. We love Mexico, too. Get used to it. What you need to realize is—had a Conservative made the comments you made about Americans, but instead directed them at Latinos, they would have instantly been tagged “a racist.” We’re sorry you hate us, and hope you can find help.

I commend the editor of Ojo del Lago for offering both liberal and conservative view points. But when a letter is so obviously a hateful rant and personal attack, I question publishing it.

Lynda Nunez,

San Antonio Tlayacapan

Our Editor Replies:

Re Mr. Cisneros letter, I knew that some might think it was intemperate—but because the Ojo rarely receives letters from our Mexican readers, we decided to run it by way of encouraging greater response from this large segment of our readership. We appreciate your interest in the magazine.


Ojo Del Lago
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