The Gift Of Love

The Gift Of Love




For fifty years I was his wife,

Partner, lover and friend for life.

We learned that love was ours to give

This made our lives a joy to live.

Our lives were full of usual things,

Like family and all that brings.

The good and bad were ours to share,

And life was fun and problems rare.

We worked to raise our family

And watched them grow up strong and free.

The all excelled at what they did,

Each wonderful, talented, loving kid.

Our hearts were full of pride for each,

As to their goals they strived to reach.

And then in time, with much elation,

They gave to us a new generation.

But life is only temporary

And one sad day death came our way.

It broke my heart to see him go;

That man of mine, I loved him so.

Oh, how I miss so very much

The feeling of his gentle touch,

The smile upon his wrinkled face,

The warmth and thrill of his embrace.

There is no moral to this tale,

Except to say love’s not for sale.

It must be given from the soul

To make, from two, a single whole.

Above all else, he was my friend

And soul mate to the very end.

For those of us who’ve been so blest,

We’ve truly lived and known the best.

By Libby Colterjohn



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