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LettersToTheEditorDear Sir:

The November Issue of “Ojo Del Lago” has a letter to the editor from Chad Olsen, Chairman of the Lakeside Progressives, which I wish to respond to.

Olsen evidently had a great deal of problem with “The Conservative Corner” article Mr. Nipper wrote for the October issue. In Mr. Nipper’s article he was critical of Maurice Strong, a former UN Envoy and current billionaire. Olsen likened Strong to Gandhi who, as we all remember, attempted to gain independence for India from the British Empire.  He went on to list a lengthy number of awards Strong had received as proof of Strong’s character and integrity. A side note–Isn’t it interesting that people with Olsen’s ideology scream about the Koch Brothers because they are 1%ers and their money supports Conservative causes? Yet, that same mindset has no problem with billionaires Strong or Soros…because their money goes to Liberalist/Communist/Progressive causes.  

Not knowing who Strong really was, other than his occasional ties to “Earth Day”, I decided to do a little research. I watched speeches on YouTube that Strong gave at environmentalist functions, interviews he granted to Liberal Media outlets, etc. Mr. Nipper had claimed Strong was part of the UN corruption known as “oil for food”. So, I Googled: “UN Corruption” and I’ll give you two guesses whose name popped up. You got it! Maurice Strong.

Mr. Nipper claimed Strong was a communist disguising himself as an environmentalist. Olsen ranted that Nipper was bordering on “defamation of character”!  But, reading the articles about Strong…it said he flew to Beijing, avoiding potential litigation. It said he went to work for the Red Chinese Government. Olsen cannot deny these facts. In fact, I noticed Olsen didn’t deny any of the points Mr. Nipper made regarding Agenda 21 in his article. I found that interesting.

Strong and Soros have publicly denounced capitalism in America as evil.  Both have often times commented about the importance of indoctrinating children to a “progressive” agenda. That rhetoric sounds patently “communist” to me.

And, that brings me to the term “communist”. Olsen tries to portray that word as antiquated, “a throwback to the 1950’s”.  Representative Peter De Fazio of Oregon formed the “Progressive Coalition” in Washington DC many years ago. De Fazio was and still is a card carrying Communist. You want to call yourself “progressive”? Let’s look at that for a second. Progressives have verbalized their intent to make private property ownership non-existent. Unlike Gandhi, who sought Independence, Progressives want to control what you drink, what you eat, what you breathe and what you think or say. And, that is straight out of the Communist Manifesto. Why do they do this? Simple! Because they are smarter than you and they know better how you should be running your life. Progressive? Not! We just witnessed an arrogant MIT professor who helped author Obamacare. On video, he said they utilized non-transparency as a tool to get the legislation passed the “stupid American voter” including House and Senate Democrats. Remember not one Republican voted for passage.   We all remember Nancy Pelosi’s “We’ll have to pass it to see what’s in it.” Now we know why she said that.

So, Mr. Olsen, a person who ties a ribbon around the neck of a pig and applies lipstick to make it seem more presentable, still can’t hide a pig, it’s just a pig. You called Mr. Nipper a liar, but your deception, half-truths, and overt efforts to mislead the reader are basic precepts of “Communism”, Chairman Olsen.

Don Daniel

A 1960 John F. Kennedy Democrat

Today a Conservative Republican

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