By Robert L. Nipper

What a Disappointment!


United-states-constitutionI am truly disappointed at the letters to the editor of “Ojo Del Lago” responding to my articles. I was hoping for a lively debate of the issues, and have found instead that the Liberals in this area are incapable of a cogent repartee.  What we’re discovering is their propensity to simply call names instead of offering anything of value. What a shame.

Perhaps a class in Debate 101 is necessary? It works like this: I say, “There are US immigration laws which need to be adhered to.”  You say, “I am opposed to the current US immigration policies and here’s why.”  Get it?

I say, “There are ample laws protecting every citizen of the United States, be they Black, homosexual, Muslim, or Inuit.  You say, “Oh no…we must give special privilege to gays and the like because…”

Calling someone a “bigoted racist”, which by the way is steeped in redundancy, is name-calling less educated low information people resort to. Why? It’s because they haven’t had an original thought floating amongst the Liberal Coolaid in their brain for decades. They have become brainwashed by Liberal catch phrases, antiquated talking points, and snippets of another’s warped perspective of how things should be.

Let’s look back at the first letter, allegedly written by a Mexican, Caesar Cisneros. The entire letter was simply name-calling. Nothing in terms of any substantive content existed in that letter. He called me a “racist”, an “ugly American”, and not welcome in Mexico. Another responder the following month wrote in thanking him for saying the things he himself could not say! I laughed as I read Cisneros’s contrived letter probably written by a disgruntled Canadian.

One responder’s letter, Ed Knudsen, claimed I have no knowledge of American history, and then went off on this tirade about Plymouth Rock, Columbus and Jamestown being myths.  The problem there… I hadn’t mentioned those historical subjects in anything I wrote!  My heavens, is that the best you can do? BTW- I was going to be a History Teacher at one point, Ed, and scored the highest recorded score on the State issued final exam in California in 1968. You ever want to debate history…you let me know where and when…and I’ll be there. He also said what I wrote broke Mexican Law. Really? Cite the law I broke…don’t just make unsubstantiated claims. You evidently learned that from Harry Reid, who is gifted with the ability to lie every time he opens his mouth. We all remember, “I have it from a reliable source that Mitt Romney has not paid a dime of taxes in ten years.” It turned out to be a blatant lie.

The top of the heap was the most recent letter from Steven Karker. I am, according to him, “hateful”. I supposedly hate Hispanics….ah….I reside in Mexico, Dude. I worked for many years in East Los Angeles, the Lincoln Heights community to be precise. I supposedly hate African/Americans??? Where, in anything I wrote do you find that? I have many, many, Black friends…ones you Liberals call “Uncle Toms.” That sort of sounds hateful to me. In fact, I wrote that Planned Parenthood has an organized genocide of Black fetuses. It sounds to me like I am trying to support Blacks. I spoke of that organization being founded by a known hater of Blacks. Refute it, if it isn’t true.  But, cite your source. And, I will bury you! I am categorically opposed to the treatment Muslims have for women. Where do we read, in anything I’ve written, that I am anti-women? Why are Liberals overlooking the treatment of women by Muslims? Hmmm?

All delusional people…proving yet again…Liberalism is a mental disorder. If you can’t debate, attack personally! If you can’t refute a statistic, call names! James Carvel would be proud!


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