Humane Education In Public Schools Of Mexico

Humane Education In Public Schools Of Mexico

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heaHumane Education is a form of education that promotes respect and responsibility towards all living beings with whom we share the planet. The HUMANE EDUCATION ALLIANCE (HEA) formed by 4 non-profit organizations (Lakeside Friends of the Animals, A.C., La Tienda de la Ciencia, A.C., Mariposa Project, A.C. and Salud y Derecho Ambiental, A.C.) is currently promoting the Humane Education principles in public schools within the Lakeside area. Through its program, recently approved by the Secretary of Education, “Guardians of the Planet,” HEA has initiated the first implementation stage in 10 schools during the fourth quarter of 2013.

During these six weeks, highly qualified instructors trained by HEA visited the first 10 schools in Chapala and Jocotepec. The program was implemented with professionalism and the highest education standards.

Throughout the sessions children learned about the importance of treating each other, animals and the environment with respect to be able to live in a society of peace. Children were very interested in learning more about the existing interconnection between all living beings, the animal senses and their nervous system, children and animals rights, as well as the importance of responsible handling of their companion animals.

Hundreds of children shared their anecdotes and reflected on the treatment that they and their communities provide to animals, analyzing improvement options for all living beings. Teachers rated the program as an innovative, excellent education tool in values that sensitize children and themselves as well, to promote peace through a culture of respect towards our own species and all those others that cohabit in this planet.          Some teachers considered “‘Guardians of the Planet’” to be a program that should be part of the official education programs in schools.

The program is available upon request for any individual or children and animal welfare organization worldwide that is interested in promoting its Humane Education principles. Spanish speaking professionals who want to become Humane Education instructors are always welcome.

The Humane Education Alliance relies on donations to be able to continue the implementation in 30 more schools to cover all 51 public schools within the Lakeside area.

Your cash or in-kind donation can make this happen!

Please contact us at or call (045) 331-544-81-43 for further information.

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