January 2014

Breach Birth Of The Second Amendment

Breach Birth Of The Second Amendment By Ed Tasca   How could America’s brilliant Founding Fathers, products of the Enlightenment, men of learning and culture, country gentlemen, sages and scientists, have so casually conceived a declaration as broad and unqualified as the 2nd Amendment to America’s admired and often emulated federal constitution, a declaration giving …

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Uncommon Common Sense – January 2014

UNCOMMON COMMON SENSE By Bill Frayer Less Austerity, More Airbags   Sometimes economics is counterintuitive. Common sense might suggest that when governments are facing large budget deficits, they should, naturally, cut spending. After all, bringing one’s spending in line with one’s income only makes sense, right? Not really.  The truth, as usual, is more complicated.  …

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The Last Supper

The Last Supper By Neil McKinnon   Researchers at Cornell University recently completed an important study. They examined 193 last-meal requests from prisoners on death row in the United States. All but two were from men and all of the men were executed between 2002 and 2006. While the research is important for its general …

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