Anyone Can Train Their Dog – January 2014

Anyone Can Train Their Dog

By Art Hess

A Dog’s New Year’s Resolutions


dogtrainerGive everyone a warm welcome. Show your warmth in your body gestures and openness of welcome.

Say hello to everyone you meet. Dogs always check one another out upon passing; this would be too hard to greet everyone, but at least say hi to those people you meet on a daily basis and ask them how their day is going.

Forgive and forget. Have you ever accidentally stepped on your dog’s paw or yelled at them for some minor transgression and they look at you all sad-eyed but then not five minutes later, they’re all happy and act like it never happened? Well, that’s a very good trait to have. Holding a grudge against someone will not make what happened go away, it’s only going to make the bad feelings fester inside you. So take a cue from Fido and just forgive and forget.

Love your family and friends unconditionally. Placing such faith in others will be well rewarded, as dogs already know.

Be loyal. Dogs stick with those they trust and care about; so should you.

Be a shoulder to cry on. Dogs don’t judge; they offer a listening ear and an attentive stance when you’re feeling down. Do the same for your human mates.

Help people to calm down when they are angry. Dogs have a calming personality; try to mimic this too.

Live life to the fullest each day. Dogs are full of energy and live in the moment. Go and chase that ball.

Enjoy being outdoors! Go for a walk! Exercise is as good for you as it is for your dog Take a nap and race through the park whenever and wherever you feel like it! It’s rejuvenating and dogs know when they need a little time out to regain energy. Power naps are good.

Never stop enjoying life. Dogs always look for the good in the new day; they wake up with a wagging tail and an eagerness to greet the day’s events. So can you.

Have a strong sense of justice. Dogs’ sense of loyalty also teaches dogs that there are some things that aren’t right in their world. They defend those they love, they stand their ground, and they know just how much food ought to be in the dinner bowl. Dish out fairness in your everyday dealings too.

Play around with others. For example, teasing them in a nice way. Dogs play tug-o’-war and chew-the-bone. You can find plenty of playful pursuits too. Play is good for us all, no matter our age.

Try to please others without being a doormat. Be good, caring, and kind.

Hope you have the BEST year ever!!


“Don’t look back unless you want to go that way.”

(Ed. Note: Not a bad set of resolutions for humans, as well.)


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