Letter to the Editor – July 2014



LettersToTheEditorDear Sir:

I cannot believe the article by R Nipper in the May 2014 issue of El Ojo!  Not only is he a bigoted jerk, he has no knowledge of North American history other than the idiotic teachings of the B . . . . . . . who wrote it.  Columbus, Plymouth Rock, Jamestown, are all complete myths!  These arrogant jerks come down here and act like the ugly Americans they are. (I did not capitalize for a reason). They want to “educate” everyone on their lack of history and make the same mess here as they have up North.  You jerks need to go back up North and crawl into what ever sewer you crawled out of and stay there.  Mexico is not about you and the Mexicans seem to be very happy with the way things are. It is not about you jerks and I point out, it is against the law for you to stick your nose in Mexican politics. Rita Golden Gelman has already responded to your ridiculous article and I hope I have added to her response. You are the epitome of the Ugly Gringo.  Go back where you came from and stay there!

Ed Knudson


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