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LettersToTheEditorDear Sir:

Please accept my letter in response to the article by the conservative faction of the community of Ajijic. I’m here to dispel a few conservative beliefs and enlighten them of their future.  

First, can we all agree: Obama is NOT a Kenyon Socialist Communist Muslim? If you cannot agree to that, then read no further. Please skip to The Future heading directly below.

Exceptionalism and Divine Intervention: Most conservatives believe that the people of the United States of America have been ordained by GOD (no less) to be the leader of the world. Of course that belief is naive at best and arrogant at worst. What happens to people who  believe they are made exceptional by God? Sorry to say it is a short hop from there to believe they are entitled to tell everybody what and how to do everything. First of all conservatives, religion and religious leaders have already used exceptionalism for centuries. Give it up.  

Conservatives, can we think of Americans not as exceptional by the hand of God, but—just damned good friends to the world with some good ideas. If we Americans are exceptional, just how do you American conservatives deal with the conservative Canadians in Ajijic? Let’s not forget those less exceptional Canadians whipped our arse in hockey in the Olympics. I guess exceptionalism does not include hockey.  Likewise, God did not guide the hands of our Founding Fathers. Thank you, but our Founding Fathers were smart enough by themselves without God’s help. Stop stealing the true genius of these men with a silly notion GOD pushed their pens for them. There was no Divine Intervention. These were men of the enlightenment and if they believed in God, it was not the definition of a Christian God. You do know that our constitution and Bill of Rights does not mention Jesus or Christianity? 

OWG-One World Government: So who are the puppet masters in this brave new world of the One World government?! Come on conservatives, name some names. Don’t keep it a secret. Jewish bankers? The Illuminati? College professors? OWG believers have a dementia that the world is full of sinister forces bent on world domination. Do you really believe in black helicopters in the night taking Americans to reeducation camps where they are forced to watch Jane Fonda movies until they become brain-washed liberals?!

The Future: There is a lyric from a Door’s song. Something like, you got the guns but we got the numbers. The “old angry white vote” is dwindling in numbers. The ethnic makeup of the voters is changing.  Even the red states demographics are reflecting this shift. The trend is not your friend, conservatives.  Now conservatives let me give your political, shock-therapy future: Alienate the minorities, women and educated voters and, well, uh…if you think taking orders from the “colored guy” was bad…can you say Madam President in 2016?

I believe in the final analysis conservatives are afraid of change. And they have the right to feel afraid. There is no debate that social change is everywhere and it is just too much for the conservatives. If it isn’t gay marriage, it is abortion rights, or Obama care, or some crazy wild, liberal hoax like climate change.

To paraphrase Darwin, it is not a question of survival of the fittest; it is a question of survival of those who can change. And those that cannot change go extinct.  See dinosaurs for that, unless you believe humans and dinosaurs lived at the same time . . . and then there is no hope for you.


Michael G. McLaughlin

Ojo Del Lago
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