The Ojo Internet Mailbox – June 2014

The Ojo Internet Mailbox

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B. Garrison

You have chosen a few, isolated instances and used those to paint every conservative with the same broad brush. You have a forum in this magazine to present your point of view, but instead you use it to insult those with whom you disagree. Frankly, I am surprised that El Ojo del Lago would print such a bigoted diatribe. I have a question for you. Do you, and others like you in the Democrat party, resort to this because you do not know how to make an argument for your point of view? Believe me, we on the right can come up with a lot of “Democrats are stupid” moments to match every one of yours (Does Elijah Cummings’ statement on Guam tipping over, for instance, represent the average reasoning ability of everyone in the Democrat party?) Why don’t you try picking those points with which you disagree with us – killing babies on demand, amnesty for criminals, ACA and the ruination of the American health care system – and address those in a civil, intelligent manner? I am beginning to think that Democrats would rather yell, scream, demand, insult and bully rather than actually think.


Jennifer Pruim

I travel to Taxco for business several times per year and have used Mexican buses no fewer than 50 times. I am amazed every time at their on-time-ness, cleanliness (and I am only speaking of the “first class” buses that Bill Dean refers to–I see now there are “executive” buses that are even fancier), cleanliness, the clean safe highways, how they usually manage to skedaddle into and out of Mexico City, their comfort. And always so quiet and nice inside (with the exception of sometimes too-loud movies) due to the politeness of Mexicans. My experiences have all been pleasant so far, and at such incredibly low prices. Always so impressed. and happy on my bus rides. Thank you, St. Christopher and everyone else involved in the “first class” Mexican bus system.


Cesar Cisneros

In response to the article by R. Nipper, I want to say this to him and to the rest of the so called constitutional conservatives; Go home! get out, and crawl back inside the sewer from where you escaped. You live here in Mexico and have the audacity or perhaps stupidity to speak against equal rights for Hispanics, blacks, gays and any other racial group that is not of Wasp /European background. Your reasoning is that of an ignorant backwoods denizen who has never interacted with any other people but only their own small circle where inbreeding is the norm. You people are refugees here. Outsiders, foreigners and racist. You have no sense of respect for your host country and should be deported. Not to the US, but back to your ancestral homelands. Because quite truly you do not deserve to be called Americans. simply because you are not. You are parasites who landed on the American continent and massacred the population there and stole the land, renamed it and deprived the actual Americans of their lives, freedom and language. Your constitution is a joke and a pack of lies that excluded the American indigenous and included the foreign land thieves like you who imagine yourselves as the exclusive owners of the ravaged country. It should read “We the self indulged and self entitled people” It is as artificial and plastic as an amusement park with the logo of a mouse. You know what I am talking about. You lack culture, tact and good manners. The whole world despises you and laughs at your ignorance or common knowledge about other cultures and customs. You are the epitome of the ugly gringo.


Dr. Robert Friedman

I am writing a book about our extended family, their geneology, their histories and stories. Rita will have a major roll in our anthology, story book
I am her mother’s brother, Rita is my niece.  I am mystified by her,  amazed and astonished by her lifestyle, but always proud of what she does and who she is. Uncle Bob


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